"To all who wish to shoot better, more frequently, and for longer periods of time: You have in your hands one of the greatest tools you could ever use to improve your aiming and

shot visualization. Striking Line Aiming (SLA) can be your single best way to see, address, and execute precision billiard shots one after another...after another...after another...

Why me? Why does what I contribute here have value for you as you consider making Gordy's program a part of your billiards life? Let me qualify that with a small part of my background. I have played pool and billiard games for over thirty years, competed in billiard games for over twenty years, have taught professionally since 2001 (over six years of that as my full time job), am a Master Instructor with my Professional Billiards Instructor Association

(PBIA), have written in past for several publications, been a billiard technical writer and advisor, and I have helped invent / develop / modify billiard systems and products. I have easily spent over a hundred hours reviewing and talking to Gordy about Striking Line Aiming, not including weeks of putting myself through the work of training myself to use this system of aiming.

I have known Gordon "Gordy" Vanderveer for several years. During the time he spent in Dallas, we became friends very slowly over time and the sharing of knowledge of this sport we love so much. Gordy has put his heart and soul into this SLA and has held nothing back. He allowed me to collaborate with him a little when he was first developing SLA and making his vision become reality. I have seen this grow from nothing into what it is now. I have seen and discussed the work and research that Gordy has done to ensure this is a top notch system with no unnecessary frills. This is perhaps the most efficient conditioning and training system for aiming I have ever seen. SLA can make the path to elite level play possible for many more players than ever before! It has changed my billiards life for the good, forever!"
-Carl Oswald. RN, PBIA-Master Instructor, TX

"Over the past two years my pool game has improved and is steadily improving. This process "IS" the reason why!  So fortunate to have run across Gordy Vanderveer's path. If you just want to "dog paddle" your way through the game of pool, then just go hit some balls at the pool hall. If you want to learn how to "swim", this is how you learn without wasting your valuable time."
-Ezekiel Moore, TX

"Great Aim Training System ----
There are many aiming “systems” in pool: Ghost Ball, SAM, Fractional, CTE and Contact Point. Each aiming system relies on “visuals” for alignment and aiming. Of course you can’t see the track line, a contact point, or ghost ball with your physical eyes, you have to see them with your “minds eyes”. Eventually, after successfully pocketing many balls, your minds eyes become trained to see the shot and it becomes a sub-conscious routine. The Striking Line Aim training system can speed up the process. The templates provide the visuals for your physical eyes to focus on to successfully align to the shot and pocket balls. Through repetition, your minds eyes begin to see the shot and the transformation begins. Soon, aiming will be a sub-conscious effort and more time will be spent on determining speed and spin to get position for the next shot. It’s like using training wheels to learn to ride a bicycle – first the wheels are used to help learn balance, then they come off and soon you ride without thinking about balance – you can now focus on looking where you are going. Gordon Vanderveer developed a great aim training system; the templates are colorful and made of a scratch resistant vinyl. Everything is included in the system including training balls and instructions to take your game to the next level. As a PBIA Certified Instructor, I plan on using the system during lessons to help student learn to develop their alignment and aim. The aim training system can also be used in conjunction with - and will compliment - other stroke training aids like Tom Simpson’s Stroke Groover and the Billiard Dynamics Cue Track. I use both successfully in class to help student’s correct flaws in their stroke. The Striking Line Aim training system becomes another tool in my arsenal to help students. Gordon keeps all transactions confidential. The product was packaged to prevent damage and comes with a rigid tube to keep the system protected when transporting. Delivery was in a couple of days and Gordon provided his phone number to answer any questions I had. I highly recommend the system for any individual or pool league looking for a practical, reasonably priced training system to improve performance."
-John M. Harlach Cue Chief Pool Instruction