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Striking Line Aiming Complete Set


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Guaranteed to improve your alignment to the shot.


​SLA (Striking Line Aiming) will be a little different for everyone. SLA teaches you how to see and aim at the actual contact point of the object ball. You will not only see the actual lines the cue ball travels, you also shoot on top of them. If you practice long enough on these templates, they teach you how to visualize the shot, even when the templates aren't there!

Using the Long Track teaches you how to align your body to the shot and shoot the cue ball straight. The Short Track teaches you how to align your body at angles and best of all, you have reference lines on the table to see how your stroke looks after the shot.

These templates are very colorful and made of a durable, clear, scratch-resistant vinyl that allows the ball to roll like your playing on new cloth. The printing is on the back of the material and will withstand the wear of the shots required for all the drills.  The templates come with website video access and a step by step user guide.  Set up is easy and fits 7, 8 & 9 foot tables.

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